ASR - A Global Partner for the Sustainable Management of Coastal and Marine Resources


ASR provides expert services in the collection and analysis of coastal and oceanographic field data.

ASR - Fieldwork ASR - Fieldwork ASR - Fieldwork

ASR has a complete range of equipment available for fieldwork including drop-cameras, Acoustic Current Doppler Profilers (ACDP's - Workhorse Sentinel ADCP and SonTek), transportable bathymetry survey systems, FLNTU turbidity sensors (Combination Chlorophyll Fluorometer and Turbidity Sensor), LISST (Laser In-Situ Scattering and Transmissometery) particle analyzer, salinity gauges for plume dispersal deployments (FSI and Odyssey), Aquadopp Wave/Current Meters, field GPS units, temperature thermistor strings, video sled for seabed transects (used to over 120 m depths), equipment sleds for data collection in moving water (surfzone and river studies), diving equipment, a 5 x 10 m wave basin and a variety of other sampling devices, mounts, frames and measuring instruments.