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Marine Spatial Planning

ASR develops sophisticated and user-friendly Marine Spatial Planning tools for our clients.

ASR - Marine Spatial Planning ASR - Marine Spatial Planning ASR - Marine Spatial Planning

Applying Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) systems offers a useful set of tools to better inform policy-makers and decision-makers to understand increasing coastal threats from climate change and sea level rise, and helps identify regional and site-specific solutions to support adaptation and other spatial planning, mapping, and decision-making efforts. The combination of rapidly increasing amounts of data and mounting coastal threats from natural and manmade causes have created an environment in which comprehensive MSP programs are increasingly necessary to effectively manage coastal regions.

Leveraging our experience in coastal management, numerical modeling, coastal processes, and ecological studies, ASR offers the following MSP-related services:

  • Web-based systems development
  • Needs assessments for MSP systems
  • Digitization of data
  • Geospatial data management services
  • Adaptation and improvement of existing MSP tools
  • Standardization of data types