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Multi-Purpose Reefs

ASR's Multi-Purpose Reefs are spearheading the environmentally sensitive future of coastal protection.

ASR - Multi-Purpose Reefs ASR - Multi-Purpose Reefs ASR - Multi-Purpose Reefs ASR - Multi-Purpose Reefs ASR - Multi-Purpose Reefs

ASR is one of the few companies in the world developing innovative solutions for coastal protection that work in concert with natural processes rather than against them.

A Multi-Purpose Reef is a type of coastal structure that can reduce erosion, enhance marine habitat and provide a valuable recreational resource. The concepts behind our Multi-Purpose Reef designs are based on the observed and measured response of a shoreline to naturally occurring offshore reefs as well as to man-made structures positioned offshore. The development of Multi-Purpose Reefs has been pushed forward by the synergistic efforts of a wide range of experts including coastal scientists and engineers, biologists, planners and environmental managers, so that the coastal processes and the environmental implications can be fully described and accounted for. As a result, our designs are able to fulfill the demands of the coastal engineering industry while still considering the marine environment, beach users and the coastal community at large.

The key to the effectiveness of a Multi-Purpose Reef is the formation of a salient – a wider, more stable section of a beach caused by the reef. This effect is a phenomenon that has been well documented and quantified in peer reviewed technical journals and coastal engineering manuals. ASR has merged these concepts with our understanding of marine systems to develop technology that will protect and stabilize the coastline, enhance marine ecology, and, where the natural conditions will allow, create an enhanced recreational experience.

Multi-Purpose Reefs actually consider the value that beaches provide to local communities by serving to protect the beach itself. Seawalls and other forms of coastal armoring do not actually protect the beach; they only protect the land behind it. We firmly believe that beaches are valuable assets to communities that create a myriad of benefits both from a socio-economic and coastal protection standpoint.

When compared to traditional solutions like seawalls, Multi-Purpose Reefs have four distinct benefits:

  • Reefs reduce and redirect the wave energy affecting the coast thereby reducing the erosional stress and stabilizing the shoreline
  • Reefs are submerged and located offshore and therefore do not degrade the natural beauty of the beach
  • Reefs provide a solid substrate which creates additional habitat for marine animals and promotes biodiversity and enhanced ecosystems
  • Reefs create a recreational amenity for surfing, diving, and fishing