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Auckland Tauranga

Location: Auckland-Tauranga, New Zealand

Type of Project: Literature Review Study

Client: Martel International Ltd, New Zealand

ASR Projects- Auckland Tauranga

The red line on the map indicates a proposed route for the fibre optic cable.

Project Overview:

In this study, ASR Ltd evaluated issues related to the feasibility of establishing a submarine fibre-optic cable link between Auckland and Tauranga.

Project Outcomes:

The ASR report provided a summary of information on the regional tectonics, seismicity and faulting, oceanographic and meteorological conditions, fisheries and other human activities, seabed sediments, details of the landing sites, resource management consents and other relevant factors that may affect planning for a targeted geophysical survey of the proposed cable route.

The report also provided recommendations for the Route Position List and Straight Line Diagram of cable types and quantities, as well as the rationale for the recommendations for the geophysical and geotechnical survey of the route.

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