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Location: Awakino, New Zealand

Type of Project: Met-Ocean Analysis

Client: Pacific Tiger Energy, New Zealand

ASR Projects- Awakino

Top Row: histograms of wind speed and direction at the Awakino site. Bottom Row: histograms of wave height and direction at the Awakino site.

Project Overview:

ASR Ltd were commissioned by Pacific Tiger Energy to provide meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) information at a proposed offshore drilling site. This included an analysis of historical wind and wave data as well as an analysis of expected current velocities.

Project Outcomes:

ASR conducted a review of the available data to define the likely conditions at the site. The findings were based from interpolation of a wide variety of available publications and data sources spanning several decades.

The study showed that the site was situated in a high-energy region with significant wave heights exceeding 3.25 m approximately 5% of the time. The 5% exceedance value for winds speed was found to be 12.5 m/s with maximum surface current speeds on the order of 1 m/s.

This information was used by Pacific Tiger Energy to properly determine the types and sizes of equipment and physical plant necessary to safely work in the harsh conditions of the Tasman Sea.

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