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Location: Barcelona, Spain

Type of Project: Coastal Protection/Multi-Purpose Reefs

Client: AssociaciĆ³n Catalana de Surf, Spain

ASR Projects- Barcelona

View of Barcelona, schematic representations of functional Multi-Purpose Reefs at Playa de Bogatell and Playa de la Nova Mar Bella (inset).

Project Overview:

ASR Ltd was asked by the local community (specifically AssociaciĆ³n Catalana de Surf) to review a proposed design proposal for a series of detached breakwaters along the coast and to determine whether that design could be modified in to a "Multi-Purpose" Reef.

Project Outcomes:

This project considered the modification of works planned for Playa de la Barceloneta. The study found that the environmental conditions at the site were ideal for conversion of the shore parallel breakwater design into a Multi-Purpose Reef. In addition, further options for coastal structure modifications proposed at other Barcelona beaches were considered, with each project directed at providing additional amenity while enhancing beach sand retention. The beaches at Playa de la Barceloneta in particular are the most popular surfing beaches in the area. These modifications would benefit the local community through enhanced amenities and be designed to be cost neutral relative to the initial design. Given that Multi-Purpose Reefs provide a wealth of benefits to the community and that they actually bring tourism income to the local district, the reefs would be of lower cost over the full life cycle of the project.

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