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Bay Of Plenty

Location: Bay of Plenty (BoP), New Zealand

Type of Project: Physical, Biological and Ecological Assessment

Client: Environment Bay of Plenty (EBoP), New Zealand

ASR Projects- Bay Of Plenty

Clockwise from left to right: Schematic of the mooring system used for long term instrument deployments, modeled tidal currents in the eastern BoP and a plot of sea surface temperatures derived from satellite data.

Project Overview:

ASR Ltd performed a series of studies designed to quantify the existing oceanographic environment in the Bay of Plenty as well as assess the likely impacts of proposed aquaculture development schemes in the region. The studies included coastal water quality assessments, current and temperature measurements, remote sensing, sediment characterization, the analysis of shelf water properties, and biological surveys. The data collected in the various studies were used in the development of a coupled hydrodynamic and ecological model for the entire Bay of Plenty.

Project Outcomes:

The methodologies developed in the field studies and modelling were then used to predict impacts of large scale aquaculture climate change on the aquatic environment of the Bay of Plenty. The results from the studies were disseminated through a GIS framework as well as interactive CD’s and DVD’s, power point presentations, maps, posters and summary leaflets that have been widely distributed by EBoP.

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