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Beatrix Bay Water Survey

Location: Beatrix Bay, New Zealand

Type of Project: Ecological Survey

Client: The Marlborough Sounds Trust, New Zealand

ASR Projects- Beatrix Bay Water Survey

Map showing the 22 study locations around Beatrix Bay.

Project Overview:

ASR Ltd conducted an underwater survey of Beatrix Bay in Marlborough, New Zealand. The survey consisted of SCUBA dives and drop-camera transects at 22 locations around Beatrix Bay.

Project Outcomes:

Three methods were employed; diver video transects, diver observations and remote camera drops. At sites 1 to 14, a diver traversed a subtidal profile (usually from the shore down to depths of 15-30 m), which was recorded with a submersible video camera. Once the video transect was recorded, further investigation was undertaken by the diver. At sites 15 to 22, the drop-camera was operated remotely (i.e. from the boat) in water depths up to ~36 m. Positions of each site were recorded using a handheld GPS (accuracy ±5 m).

Upon completion of the project, ASR Ltd produced an interactive electronic map of the area. The video images were edited into individual files for each survey site. GPS site positions were overlain on a geo-referenced nautical chart of the study area and the digital clips were hyper-linked to each site position on the chart.

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