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Beatrix Bay

Location: Beatrix Bay, New Zealand

Type of Project: Aquaculture Sustainability Review

Client: The Marlborough Sounds Trust, New Zealand

ASR Projects- Beatrix Bay

The view of a mussel farm from above and below (inset)

Project Overview:

Seeking an independent scientific assessment in to the status of an existing coastal permit, the Marlborough Sounds Trust commissioned ASR Ltd to undertake an international and local literature review of the impacts of mussel farming on water quality and to analysis the present situation of the mussel farms at Beatrix Bay. ASR Ltd were also asked to critically review specific documents related to the permits and the site.

Project Outcomes:

The client used the information provided in the study to assess whether any further challenge of the west Beatrix Bay coastal permit was justified and what further information would be needed to develop a case for such a challenge.

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