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Location: Borth, Wales, England

Type of Project: Economics, Multi-Purpose Reef Studies

Client: Posford Haskoning Ltd, England

ASR Projects- Borth

Waves breaking in Borth, England.

Project Overview:

ASR Ltd examined the maintenance costs associated with the proposed construction of a Multi-Purpose Reef at Borth. The study considered a number of different scenarios which covered a range of design and construction methodologies.

Project Outcomes:

Both geotextile sand-filled containers (SFC’s) and rock were suitable materials for reef construction, however each involves different considerations for ongoing maintenance and use in a Multi-Purpose Reef. A Multi-Purpose Reef built from SFC’s and optimised either for surfing or coastal protection would be expected to survive in the marine environment, but would involved greater ongoing maintenance costs than an equivalent rock structure. A Multi-Purpose Reef constructed using rock would be expected to perform its coastal protection function and incur lower ongoing costs, but the hard and irregular reef surface would impact on the surfing amenity benefit provided by the structure.

A third option proposed by ASR Ltd would be to design one or more coastal protection, non-surfing reefs, which would retain the coastal protection function of the Multi-Purpose Reef structure and provide some surfing enhancement, but eliminate the benefit of a custom-designed surfing wave directly on the reef.

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