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Boscombe Eco

Location: Boscombe, Bournemouth, England

Type of Project: Ecological Survey

Client: Bournemouth Borough Council, England

ASR Projects- Boscombe Eco

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Project Overview:

ASR Ltd performed an ecological survey in the area of the proposed Boscombe Artificial Surfing Reef. The planned area for the Boscombe Artificial Surf Reef was an exposed sandy part of the coastline prone to wave action.

Project Outcomes:

A random sampling method was used for this benthic survey. The area was divided into five 100 m2 regions. One region was situated over the proposed reef site (the "Reef Box"), with four additional 100 m2 regions defined nearby. In each region, 5 replicate random samples were taken. In addition, two transects were taken perpendicular to the shore, consisting of 6 samples each, one was taken through the reef and the other to the east of the reef.

In this report, two measures of ecological diversity were used as an indicator of biodiversity of the site. These were the mean number of species per quadrat (or "species richness"), and the Shannon-Weaver diversity index. The survey results indicated that the fauna presented at Boscombe was typical of clean sand areas of the sub-littoral zone, on wave-exposed or moderately wave-exposed coasts around the United Kingdom, i.e. dominated by a community of burrowing amphipods and polychaetes.

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