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Location: Boscombe, Bournemouth, England

Type of Project: Numerical Modeling, Reef Design, Field Studies

Client: Bournemouth Borough Council, England

ASR Projects- Boscombe

Clockwise from upper left: The Bournemouth Reef site adjacent to the municipal pier; numerical modeling results showing wave breaking patterns; the final reef design shape and model testing in the ASR physical laboratory.

Project Overview:

As part of an effort to revitalize the Bournemouth waterfront, the benefits of an artificial surfing reef were recognized early on by members of Bournemouth Borough Council (BBC) as well as the general public.

Project Outcomes:

When the BBC began to pursue their goal "to develop a reef for recreational and commercial benefit in Boscombe", they requested the services of ASR Ltd to undertake a feasibility study. The aim was to determine if any sites were suitable for an artificial reef and, if so, to consider the relative advantages and disadvantages of the various sites. The aims of BBC were to apply surfing reef technology to enhance a recreational site which at present only provided mediocre surfing conditions by developing a better quality surfing venue that will not only benefit new generations of surfers, but also provide a focus for the region. ASR conducted extensive field studies which collected wave, tide, bathymetric and ecological data as part of the Boscombe Reef design project. The challenges of working with a small and unpredictable wave climate were overcome by creating a design with a large footprint that will magnify and make the most of even the smallest and least favorable wave conditions. Construction of the Bournemouth Reef is being undertaken by ASR Ltd and commenced in July 2008.

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