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Cape Runaway

Location: Cape Runaway, New Zealand

Type of Project: Ecology Survey, Bathymetric Survey

Client: Department of Conservation (DOC), New Zealand

ASR Projects- Cape Runaway

Bathymetry map of Cape Runaway.

Project Overview:

Cape Runaway was identified through a public survey as an area within the Eastern Bay of Plenty that should be considered for some form of marine protection. As a consequence, information about the area was required as part of the basis for site selection for the application of marine resource management options for this part of the coast.

Project Outcomes:

ASR Ltd conducted a bathymetry survey (to 4 km offshore) and a drop-camera survey (to depths of 40 m) over an 80 km2 region of the marine area within the rohe of Te Whanau a Kauaetangohia/Cape Runaway. The outputs included a bathymetric chart of this area as well as an interactive CD-ROM containing hundreds of video clips of the sub-tidal habitat. In addition, a search of existing literature pertaining to the area was undertaken to provide further comment on the findings of the habitat mapping exercise.

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