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Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Type of Project: Literature Survey

Client: Christchurch City Council, New Zealand

ASR Projects- Christchurch

The pier at New Brighton Beach, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Project Overview:

ASR Ltd was asked to provide Christchurch City Council with an expert opinion on the dune contouring criteria currently in place for Christchurch beaches, based on previous reports and existing data.

Project Outcomes:

ASR’s primary findings were that the dune systems currently in place represent a natural buffer zone and thus the maximum volume of sand should be maintained to sustain the beach system. Furthermore, ASR Ltd did not support the proposed lowering of the dune crest to levels below 8 m above mean sea level. ASR’s report also suggested that if the dunes were lost or significantly reduced, then expensive coastal protection measures would be needed along this coast.

There are many situations worldwide where removal or reduction of the dune system has led to coastal erosion problems. The dunes and natural beach are valuable assets that should not be under-valued for their natural protection capacity.

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