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Hawkes Bay

Location: Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Type of Project: Coastal Protection

Client: Foreworld Development Ltd (FDL), New Zealand

ASR Projects- Hawkes Bay

Clockwise from left: Hawkes Bay location map; schematic example of the Bay View Renourishment Plan (pre and post-nourishment).

Project Overview:

ASR Ltd developed a proactive program of beach protection for Foreworld Development Ltd (FDL), in order to help address a coastal hazard zone dispute with the local Council.

Project Outcomes:

The initiation of a comprehensive monitoring scheme was used to investigate the private Bay View Beach Renourishment Plan. This plan was to be initially funded by FDL and subsequently by the land owners adjacent to the 1.8 km stretch of the beach. The Bay View Beach Renourishment Plan was modeled on the successful Westshore Beach Renourishment Scheme to the south, and was being initiated in order to ensure that the beach front properties on the gravel barrier would be protected in the long term, should the need arise.

In addition to devising the plan described above, ASR Ltd acted with a team of expert witnesses to provide evidence and testimony at New Zealand Environment Court proceedings, which led to a successful ruling in FDL’s favour.

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