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Location: Lombok, Indonesia

Type of Project: Aquaculture Development

Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, New Zealand

ASR Projects- Lombok

Clockwise from top left: Residents attending an ASR organised community meeting; a lobster fattening cage; an acoustic Doppler Profiler (ADP) current meter and deployment.

Project Overview:

ASR Ltd worked with the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to develop a plan aimed at providing economic opportunities for the people of Ekas Bay in Lombok, Indonesia through beneficial and cost-effective aquaculture.

Project Outcomes:

ASR Ltd and partners conducted several studies covering social and environmental issues related to the economics of developing aquaculture in Ekas Bay. This included socio-economic surveys and detailed community and stakeholder consultations.

Additionally a series of studies into the suitability of the Ekas Bay environment for aquaculture development were also conducted. This included an in-depth literature review into the types of species and techniques currently being used for aquaculture in the region as well as identifying other applicable aquaculture species.

Finally, a series of physical environment data-collection studies (using an ADP current meter deployed in several locations throughout Ekas Bay) were conducted to provide baseline data for the development of a detailed hydrodynamics model of Ekas Bay.

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