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Long Bay

Location: Long Bay, New Zealand

Type of Project: Ecology and Biology

Client: Auckland Regional Council, New Zealand

ASR Projects- Long Bay

Photographs of the sea weed Ecklonia radiate (far left and far right). A photograph of Carpophyllum maschalocarpum (top centre) and an aerial view of Long Bay (bottom centre).

Project Overview:

ASR Ltd provided an audit and review of the marine component of the Long Bay Monitoring Program established by the Auckland Regional Council (ARC).

Project Outcomes:

The aims of the marine component of the program were to describe the marine communities of Long Bay relative to control sites in order to determine levels of spatial and temporal variability in species populations and community structure. The principal goal of the monitoring was to determine whether the adverse effects of urban "green-field" development on coastal and freshwater environments were more than minor.

The monitoring report detailed seven years of intertidal and subtidal quantitative data from Long Bay and an additional five sites. Changes in the health of marine communities had been monitored before, during, and after catchment development. Several control sites were included in the programme to ensure that any changes detected could be attributed to land-based activity rather than natural processes.

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