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Masela North East Block

Location: Masela North-East block, Indonesia

Type of Project: Oil spill, Numerical Modeling

Client: INPEX Masela Ltd, New Zealand

ASR Projects- Masela North East Block

(Left) The trajectory model domain showing the number of ‘oil particle’ visits to each ocean cell over the three-year continuous release of the Masela Condensate (top) and Diesel oil (bottom) at the Masela spill location (the scale is logarithmic, with the red areas indicating 106 more oil than the blue areas). (Right) Locations of predicted coastal impacts for an oil spill of condensate from the Masela spill site by region In each region zoom, the cross size is proportional to the amount of oil reaching that location.

Project Overview:

INPEX Masela Ltd required an oil spill simulation study for an upcoming Appraisal Drilling campaign in their Masela North-East block. The Masela block is located in the East Timor Sea approximately 360 km north of Darwin, Australia in Indonesian waters. As a requirement of the local and international regulations, INPEX Masela Ltd commissioned PT Hotplanet Indonesia in association with ASR Ltd, New Zealand to undertake oceanographic numerical modeling studies of the surrounding areas for a possible oil spill scenario.

Project Outcomes:

In order to assess the potential impact from an oil spill at the Masela North-East block, an oil spill trajectory model study of the region was conducted using the 3DD Numerical Laboratory. The 3DD Numerical Laboratory consists of a coupled suite of Windows-based models simulating physical processes including hydrodynamics, dispersal, sediment transport, and wave dynamics. The models have been developed over 25 years of research and consulting, applied throughout that time for the oil and gas industry.

Both the long-term continuous release and short-term instantaneous release studies provided very valuable information in the consideration of the hypothetical situation of an oil spill at the Masela North-East block location. The long-term study provided a statistical summary of various trajectory targets under the multi-seasonal variability tendencies over a representative three-year period, while the short-term instantaneous release study gave outcomes under the specific conditions expected during the time of interest for the INPEX Masela Appraisal campaign.

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