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Mount Maunganui

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ASR Projects- Mount Maunganui

Clockwise from upper left: The A-Frame design in reality and in the lab, an unidentified surfer gets a screamer and an aerial view of the Mount Reef under construction.

Project Overview:

The Mount Reef, constructed at Mount Maunganui on the North East Coast of New Zealand represents a world first – namely the first structure designed and built specifically for surfing which has actually delivered high quality, challenging waves for surfers and bodyboarders. Other projects have either held recreational wave riding as a secondary aim, or if surfing were the goal, been unable to deliver breaking waves of any quality. The Mount Reef designed by ASR Ltd has delivered.

Project Outcomes:

The reef shape evolved through an iterative process of numerical and physical modeling built upon ASR’s years of experience in understanding and quantifying the best surfing waves in the world. Idealized reef shapes from computer design exercises were molded into final design shapes that could be built using large sand filled geotextile containers. The physical tests showed that the A-frame reef is an efficient design that can be relatively easily constructed making a fast, hollow, and intense ride.

ASR Ltd developed construction methodologies amalgamated the "architectural" design shape with engineering construction design. By understanding both aspects of design, numerous efficiencies in cost and ease of construction have been achieved, while maximizing surfing wave quality at the same time.

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