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Location: Nelson, New Zealand

Type of Project: Hydrodynamic Modelling

Client: Port Nelson Ltd.

ASR Projects- Nelson

Boussinesq modelling of wave penetration at Port Nelson

Project Overview:

A numerical model study was previously undertaken to consider environmental effects of a proposed port expansion and reclamation for Port Nelson Ltd. The following conclusions were reached:

  • The changes to the current flows are less than minor except in the immediate vicinity of the reclamation.
  • Wave energy levels around the harbour are not affected by the proposed reclamation. However, there is potential for higher wave crests within the town basin and mitigation may be required.

This project considered in detail the potential for higher waves in the town basin and recommends mitigation methods

Project Outcomes:

Wave reinforcement was determined to occurs in the town basin with and without the reclamation (slightly worse with the small reclamation and improved with the large reclamation). It was advised that the seiching problem be dealt with prior to any port expansion construction. The study also demonstrated that damping of the waves on the north-east side of the town basin would greatly improve boating conditions at the berths, boat safety and greatly reduce the potential for overtopping of waves.

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