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New Jersey

Location: New Jersey, U.S.A

Type of Project: Multi-Purpose Surfing Reef

Client: Surfers Environmental Alliance

ASR Projects- New Jersey

Proposed reef design for Long Branch New Jersey.

Project Overview:

The objective of this study was to design a Multi-Purpose Reef which would be effective for coastal protection while at the same time creating a high-quality surfing break in the City of Long Branch, New Jersey.

Project Outcomes:

Most of New Jersey’s surf spots are sand bottom beach breaks located near jetties or groynes which have been constructed over the years to stabilize the eroding beach. The effectiveness of these structures for erosion control is unclear since the State has been forced to continuously use beach fill and nourishment in addition to the hard structures. These large scale renourishment projects have been attributed to a loss of surfing breaks and inshore reefs (i.e. habitat). In order to properly design a submerged reef to produce the desired level of shoreline protection as well as high quality surfing waves, ASR Ltd completed a comprehensive preliminary design and feasibility study. This effort included a review of pertinent existing literature, analysis of all available wave data (hindcast and measured), and a detailed numerical modeling effort which compared the performance of several different reef options in terms of wave breaking quality, wave energy dissipation and the ultimate effect on the beach morphology. The project is currently awaiting funding for before the design is finalized and construction details are prepared. ASR is confident this reef design will clearly demonstrate the coastal protection aspect of a Multi-Purpose Reef and usher in a new era of enlightenment when considering alternatives to coastal armoring along the New Jersey shore.

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