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Location: Poole, Dorset, England

Type of Project: Coastal Protection

Client: HR Wallingford on behalf of Poole Borough Council

ASR Projects- Poole

Summary of the dominant coastal processes at the entrance to Poole Harbour and Sandbanks.

Project Overview:

Following discussions led by HR Wallingford and held with Poole Borough Council, Defra (Regional Engineer, Taunton) and Bournemouth Borough Council, ASR Ltd were asked to initiate a desktop study to review alternative methods of coastal protection and maintain healthy beaches along the coastline from Sandbanks to the Poole/Bournemouth Borough boundary.

Project Outcomes:

The beach erosion situation at Poole requires constant intervention and this study came just as the latest round of coastal protection works was necessary. The proposed works called for 50,000 m3 of beach nourishment and possible stabilisation with control structures. ASR’s study determined that if the entire nourishment plan were implemented, only a small amount of control structures (if any) would be necessary.

ASR Ltd compared shore perpendicular groynes to offshore submerged reefs and breakwaters and found that 4 small submerged reefs would provide the same stabilization as a set of 18 groynes. While groynes have been effective in the tide dominated region near the entrance to Poole Harbour, offshore reefs would provide a greater benefit along the wave dominated shoreline to the east. The assessment of the efficacy of either system also depended on the regularity of the nourishment operations.

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