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Port Gisborne

Location: Port Gisborne, New Zealand

Type of Project: Numerical Modeling

Client: Port Gisborne Ltd, New Zealand

ASR Projects- Port Gisborne

A diagram of the proposed Port of Gisborne redevelopment showing locations where numerical modelling results of extreme wave heights were computed.

Project Overview:

In order to determine the construction requirements for seawalls and breakwaters in the proposed expansion of the Port of Gisborne, Duffill Watts and King Ltd (DWK) requested information on the wave characteristics of a 50-year storm event at specific locations adjacent to the proposed structures. Further, DWK also requested wave information at the entrance to the proposed channel in order to evaluate the hydrodynamic forcing due to waves within the channel.

Project Outcomes:

To complete the project ASR Ltd used 20 years of wave hindcast data to determine the wave climate within Poverty Bay. This wave data was transformed to the inshore location through the use of numerical models. The results of the study suggested that the 50 year extreme wave height at the entrance to the redesigned port would be 6.12 m. Extreme wave heights at the two locations inside the port were found to be limited due to wave breaking and were 3.27 and 4.9 m respectively.

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