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St Francis Bay

Location: St Francis Bay, South Africa

Type of Project: Multi-Purpose Reefs, Beach Restoration

Client: St. Francis Bay Beach Trust, South Africa

ASR Projects- St Francis Bay

Clockwise from upper left: A classic surf day at St. Francis Bay in 1966, the exposed beach-front revetment after a severe storm, ASR’s proposed reefs and the extent of the recirculation system.

Project Overview:

The beaches in St Francis Bay have an erosion problem. Stabilization efforts in the past 50 years on massive sand dunes of Cape St. Francis to the west has resulted in the loss of nearly all the sediment that once supplied the Bay’s famous white sandy beaches. Now the beaches are mostly gone, and with them "Bruce's Beauties", one of South Africa’s iconic surf spots, the "perfect wave" made famous in the 1966 film "The Endless Summer".

Project Outcomes:

When the residents of St. Francis were looking for a solution, they came to ASR. We designed a multi-faceted holistic solution to the erosion problem that offered short term results as well as long-term sustainability. The solution hinged on a series of Multi-Purpose Reefs built along the shoreline which will dissipate wave energy while minimising and redirecting the erosive long-shore currents in this area. The reefs will provide protection to a proposed beach nourishment plan which will widen the beach and restore a much needed public resource. The final stage of the projects is a permanent sand recirculation system which will move sand from a nearby source and deposit it upstream of the town beaches where it will be available to move along the coast until it reaches the end of the line and is re-circulated again. The project is in its final design stages and awaiting final funding for implementation and construction.

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