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Location: Sumatra, Indonesia

Type of Project: Tsunami Numerical Modelling

Client: California Institute of Technology

ASR Projects- Sumatra

(Left) A map of Sumatra showing the locations of recent earthquakes. (Right) Modelled inundation areas near Bengkulu resulting from a large (Mw = 9.2) earthquake on the Sumatra Subduction Zone.

Project Overview:

This project was designed to systematically produce numerical model outputs for use in producing tsunami inundation and evacuation maps for use at the local, decision making level in the tsunami prone regions of Indonesia.

Project Outcomes:

The study built upon the work of ASR staff scientists and published in the article "Tsunami inundation modeling for western Sumatra" in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (Borrero et al., PNAS, Volume 103, December 26, 2006). Using a suite of plausible earthquake scenarios based on real geological information, the project systematically modeled the tsunami inundation at 9 locations on the Sumatran mainland and in the Mentawai Islands.

The results of the project have been used by local governments and NGO’s to produce tsunami hazard and evacuation maps for local residents. The city of Padang on the Sumatran mainland has over 1 million inhabitants, many of whom live directly in the inundation zone. The output from this project was used by the city government to produce their first "official" inundation maps.

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