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Location: Tauranga, New Zealand

Type of Project: Field Data Collection, Hydrodynamic Modelling

Client: URS New Zealand, Tauranga City Council

ASR Projects- Tauranga

(Clockwise from top left) The existing Tauranga railway bridge and the proposed site for the pipeline crossing; a high-resolution multibeam survey of the Tauranga Harbour seabed – the scour features caused by the existing bridge crossing can be clearly seen; modelled tidal current velocities through different configurations of the modified bridge piers.

Project Overview:

ASR conducted a data collection and numerical modelling study to investigate the detailed hydrodynamic implications for a proposed wastewater pipeline crossing in Tauranga Harbour.

Project Outcomes:

For the proposed Southern Pipeline project in Tauranga, it is necessary to construct a route for domestic wastewater to move from Tauranga to a treatment facility located on the other side of the harbour. Several harbour crossing options were considered, including, (i) a stand-alone pipeline bridge built adjacent to an existing railway bridge (ii) an upgrade of the existing railway bridge and (iii) submarine pipeline options at different distances south of the existing bridge. ASR conducted studies related to each of these options and produced a peer reviewed report which was used for the project consent and permitting process. This included detailed bathymetric surveys, numerical modelling of tidal flows in and around the pipeline crossing options, sediment transport modelling and a historical assessment of depth changes related to scour processes in Tauranga Harbour.

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