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Ventura County

Location: Ventura County, California, U.S.A

Type of Project: Multi-Purpose Reef

Client: U.S Army Corps of Engineers

ASR Projects- Ventura County

The Oil Piers site before removal of the piers (left) and (right) a schematic of the proposed reef and the predicted shoreline response.

Project Overview:

ASR Ltd designed a shore protection structure under the US Army Corps of Engineers Section 227 initiative for innovative and non-traditional erosion control methods. ASR Ltd won a preliminary design competition and was awarded a 100% design contract.

Project Outcomes:

The Oil Piers project design was favorably reviewed by the Army Corps after submission and the ASR Ltd approach was chosen because it best fit the overall project objectives. Specifically, the submerged reef is designed to retain beach sand without blocking the transport of material in the littoral zone. Since sediment is free to pass alongshore between the offshore structure and the beach, the structure will not have a detrimental effect to downdrift beaches. In addition, the reef will enhance recreational amenity by creating a quality surfing break and a diving site. The reef would also increase beach width for shore-based recreation and provide a stable and complex habitat for a wide range of marine flora and fauna, enhancing environmental resources. Finally, the submerged reef will be far less obtrusive than the former Oil Piers or other more traditional coastal protection works. The Oil Piers Reef project is awaiting an allocation of funds from the U.S. Congress for the Section 227 initiative before it can be completed.

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