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Victoria Field

Location: Victoria, Australia

Type of Project: Field Studies, Numerical Modelling

Client: GHD, Australia

ASR Projects- Victoria Field

Clockwise from upper left: Deploying field instruments; a large scale model of currents in Bass Strait; detailed modelling of a hypersaline effluent plume and fine-scale hydrodynamics at a potentially impacted river mouth.

Project Overview:

ASR Ltd was chosen to undertake an extensive campaign of field data collection and numerical modelling studies in support of GHD, Australia, who are the main contactor for an AU$5 Billion project to design the largest desalination plant in the southern hemisphere.

Project Outcomes:

ASR’s extensive experience in these types of studies, in Bass Strait in particular, were a major factor in ASR Ltd being awarded the project. In support of this massive effort, ASR designed and deployed a field instrumentation system capable of withstanding the harsh environment of Bass Strait including gale force winds and swells in excess of 10 m while collecting data such as wave heights, current speeds, water temperatures, turbidity and salinity.

This information was then used by ASR’s team of scientists to build a numerical simulation of the overall Bass Strait as well as detailed simulations of the behaviour of the hyper-saline effluent plume that will eventually be discharged from the plant. Accurately predicting the behaviour of this plume will allow for an outfall design that will reduce the environmental impact of the plant while generating more than 400 million litres of fresh drinking water per day to supply Victoria’s drought stricken population.

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