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Victoria Hydro

Location: Victoria, Australia

Type of Project: Hydrodynamic Modelling

Client: Hydrodynamic Modelling

ASR Projects- Victoria Hydro

Left: Deploying the Sontek ADP being deployed to record calibration data. Right: A close-up view of the modelled residual currents along the Bass Strait coast.

Project Overview:

ASR Ltd were commissioned to develop a sophisticated model able to precisely describe the water movement in the upper Bass Strait including interactions with Port Phillip Bay and Western Port (from Cape Otway to Cape Liptrap).

Project Outcomes:

To achieve the project goals, ASR Ltd developed the "Bass & Bays" model. This is a 3-dimensional hydrodynamic model, fully stratified by salinity and temperature. It includes atmospheric-heat exchange, evaporation, rainfall and river flows from 51 point-sources. The ocean boundary incorporates tidal and low-frequency sea level oscillations as observed at nearby tidal gauges to account for coastal-trapped and shelf waves. Aided by remote-sensing technology, the Bass & Bays model uses a novel "corrective-steering" scheme that updates surface water temperature with satellite-sensed sea surface temperature (SST) data to account for divergences in the modelling of heat fluxes.

Additionally, the Bass & Bays model is coupled to other models from ASR 3DD Suite, such as WBEND (wave refraction) and WGEN (wind wave generation) to provide inshore wave conditions for simulating orbital bed-motion for dispersal and sediment transport capabilities. The Bass & Bays model was successfully used for a variety of investigations such as detailed tidal simulations, extreme water level analyses, larval transport, sediment transport, flushing and primary production studies. The model was calibrated against data from 2004, and validated against data collected in 2005 and 2008. The Bass & Bays model is regarded as a high-level sophisticated model and has been proven accurate and useful in a variety of investigations.

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